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Part: II Firing > S. Sample Specific Termination Letter

S. Sample Specific Termination Letter

This is to inform you that you are being terminated today for failure to perform your work at an acceptable level. On August 7, 2001, you received a verbal correction for substandard work performance and for an unwillingness to perform properly assigned work duties. On October 4, you received a written warning for substandard work performance and glass breakage. On November 2, you received a final written warning for overall substandard work performance.

In this period of time, you were sent to outside training on dealing with conflict in the workplace. Your immediate supervisor met with you daily for twenty minutes over a two-week period to ensure that you understood how to perform your job and to prioritize your work. You were also placed on a one-day paid decision-making leave to rethink your commitment to the company.

Today you committed an error in the handling of your cage wash duties. Namely, you failed to place the rabbit rack in the rack washer after spraying it down with acid. Because you did not notify your coworkers about this exception to standard operating procedures, a fellow worker handled the acid-covered rack and injured his hand.

Your failure to process equipment properly demonstrates an ongoing inability to perform at an acceptable level and a lack of concern for your job. I consequently have no choice but to sever this employment relationship.

Your final paycheck through the close of business today is attached. Within thirty days, we will issue you a statement of accrued benefits. You may choose to continue your medical insurance at your own expense via COBRA. Please contact Gail Lapins in Benefits at your earliest convenience. She will explain the status of your benefits as well as COBRA and 401(k) options and also arrange for the return of any company property.

Also see Question 93.


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