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Exercises to Prepare in Advance > Values Clarification

Exercise 24. Values Clarification

TYPEDiversity Awareness, Worldview
PURPOSEParticipants compare viewpoints as they think and talk about their reactions to some simple value statements.
EQUIPMENT NEEDEDTwo flipcharts on easels Markers Masking tape
PREP1. Prepare flipchart pages in advance for each value pair as follows:
 Ice cream is the best dessert.Cake is the best dessert.
 Change is very good.Keeping things the same is very good.
 One should always say exactly what he or she feels.What you say should depend on the situation and the person.
 I use facts and data to make decisions and solve problems.I use personal feelings, experience, and intuition to make decisions and solve problems.
 Individual needs and performance are most valuable and important.Group needs and performance is most valuable and important.
 Talking is the best way to communicate. Say what's on your mind.You have to be able between the lines and pick up nonverbal communication.
 Getting things done and producing are most important.People's feelings and relationships are most important.
 A competitive environment is better.A collaborative environment is better.
 Be on time all the time. Lateness is rude and inconsiderate.Time is flexible. People should be able to make and change schedules.
 Differences should be brought out in the open and talked about. Conflict is good.We should focus mostly on what we agree on, and avoid talking about differences.
 2. Mark a straight line down the center of the training room floor with the masking tape.
 3. Place one flipchart easel at the each end of the masking tape line. Have the first page of each—"Ice cream is the best desert" and "Cake is the best dessert"—showing.
TIME NEEDED20-30 minutes


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