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48 Understanding Conversational Approaches to Change experience difficulties in identifying themes, we might offer as a starting point some high-level themes like financial resources, staffing capacity, staff capabilities or skills, internal relationships, external partnerships, regulation and inspection, positive feelings, positive hopes and use of technology. With the themes established the large group can move to the process of mapping the stories against the high-level themes. Enduring factors The final part of the discovery phase is to identify the enduring themes. These are the factors that have sustained the organization over time. The activity can be done in a large group as an open discussion with the key themes emerging. Another method is to have an open discussion and at the close of this to allow people to vote for the enduring factors through putting ticks or stars next to the themes which they consider to have been most important. The voting process both brings energy into the room as people need to stand and walk round the room to the maps on the walls, and also gives a sense of democracy in action with clear outcomes emerging in real time. As people leave for the day or at the close of the session there is a clear