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16 Resourcing strategy > The components of employee resourcing strategy - Pg. 222

222 HR Strategies skills and behaviours. A strategy to enlarge the skill base may start with recruitment and selection but would also extend into learning and develop- ment to enhance skills and modify behaviours, and methods of reward- ing people for the acquisition of extra skills. Performance management processes can be used to identify development needs (skill and behavioural) and motivate people to make the most effective use of their skills. Competency frameworks and profiles can be prepared to define the skills and behaviours required, and be used in selection, employee development and employee reward processes. The aim should be to develop a reinforcing bundle of strategies along these lines. Talent management is a `bundling' process, which is an aspect of resourcing. the components of employee resourcing strategy The components of employee resourcing strategy as considered in this chapter are: Workforce planning ­ assessing future business needs and deciding