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v Co n t e n t S Introduction 1 PA R t o n e The conceptual framework of strategic HRM 01 The concept of HRM 5 3 Introduction 6 HRM defined 6 The philosophy of human resource management 7 Underpinning theories of HRM 8 The goals of HRM 13 Characteristics of HRM 13 The diversity of HRM 14 The ethical dimension 15 Critical evaluation of the concept of HRM 16 How HRM is delivered 17 The context of HRM 20 References 23 02 The concept of strategy 26 Introduction 27 Development of the concept of strategy 27 Strategy defined 28 The nature of strategy 29 The formulation of strategy 36 Implementation of strategy 39 The reality of strategy 41 References 44 03 The concept of strategic human resource management 47 Introduction 48 SHRM defined 48 The nature of SHRM 49 Strategic fit 51