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Part V: Behavior and Conduct Infractions > #49, 50 Insubordination and Substand... - Pg. 242

242 Behavior and Conduct Infractions #49 Insubordination and Substandard Work Performance Lab aide with ten years of seniority engages in insubordinate conduct, makes veiled threats and abusive gestures, and generally refuses to take orders from a newly hired supervisor who is half his age. This is the second in a series of three write-ups leading up to dismissal (see Write-Ups #31 and #50). The letter of termination is located in Part VII, "Termination Notices" (Write-Up #85). PERFORMANCE CORRECTION NOTICE Employee Name: Date Presented: Disciplinary Level Verbal Correction--(To memorialize the conversation.) Rick Ricardo October 4, 2010 Department: Supervisor: Research Lab Fred Mertz, Director