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Chapter 16: Hu Resources Replaces Human ... > LEARN ABOUT CHANGE AND INTELLIGENCE - Pg. 291

Hu Resources Replaces Human Resources in Health Care RISKS Hus will need to be aware of the limits in our fu- ture. Is knowledge processing a P or NP complete problem, (see NP-complete, Wikipedia, 2009; NP standing for standing for nondeterministic polynomial time) that is, which problems when they scale cannot be calculated in a reasonable amount of time? When will systems become overly sensitive to initiation conditions? When will collaborative behavior devolve into chaotic conditions? Will initial soft hu emotional and social awareness be mere facades? Will new complex systems of systems have hidden cliffs discovered during perfect storms? The use of terms, such as NP complete, has usually been restricted to computational technolo- gies. In a hu resource world, the issue also applies to whether humans are computationally limited. Will soft hu intelligence overwhelm wet hus with Intuitively, I would consider a system that is more capable to be less troublesome. But Mooers' insight is that intelligent systems are troublesome to users who do not thrive on the challenges and the cost of a continuous flow of new information. If I prefer my internal static model of my world, maintained with minimal effort, new informa- tion from the cornucopia of information systems is bothersome, a form of information overload, screaming in my silent sanctuary. Health care will need to continue to monitor itself for behavior that indicates that its members are avoiding information because new information (not just the technology's interface) is troublesome. Health care will need to value actors in the healthcare system for what they can learn, not just for what they know. Does the hu tolerate multiple points of view? Is the hu able to participate in mass collaboration and other collective processes? Can the hu understand and model using systems