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Data Resource Simplexity: How Organizati... > Chapter 13: APPROPRIATE DATA RECOGNI... - Pg. 441

__________________________________________________ Chapter 13 APPROPRIATE DATA RECOGNITION RE COGNITION __________________________________________________ Recognition is the weakest part of data resource management. The organization at large must recognize the serious nature of a disparate data resource. Many individuals are aware of specific problems in their area of expertise. Executives are aware that a general problem exists with the business getting all the information it needs. However, very few people recognize the overall problem of a comparate data resource. Many people are trying to establish initiatives to develop a comparate data resource, but are encountering major obstacles. Most of these obstacles are unnecessary and are hindering the initiatives. Many executives don't recognize the grave situation and are requiring extensive justification before approving the initiatives. Managers recognize the problem within their area, but not at the organization level. Technicians recognize the situation, but can't make changes at their level. The fifth cultural component of the Data Resource Management Framework is appropriate data recognition. Chapter 13 explains the reasons for inappropriate data recognition, and presents the concepts, principles, and techniques for achieving appropriate data recognition. Appropriate data recognition is the last and most important of the cultural components, because if people don't recognize and understand the situation, they cannot take action to resolve the situation. 441