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Data Resource Simplexity: How Organizati... > Chapter 13: APPROPRIATE DATA RECOGNI... - Pg. 441

__________________________________________________ Chapter 11 ADEQUATE DATA RESPONSIBILITY __________________________________________________ Adequate data responsibility is critical for high quality data. Adequate data responsibility is mandatory if an organization is to have any control over development of a comparate data resource. People in the organization must be assigned specific responsibilities for the development and maintenance of a comparate data resource. The data resource can meet all the architectural criteria, but if it does not have appropriate people assigned to manage the data resource, the business information demand likely won't be met and the data resource will slide toward disparity. The third cultural component of the Data Resource Management Framework is adequate data responsibility. Chapter 11 explains the reasons for inadequate data responsibility, then presents the concepts, principles, and techniques for establishing adequate data responsibility. INADEQUATE DATA RESPONSIBILITY Responsibility is the quality or state of being responsible; moral, legal, or mental accountability; reliability and trustworthiness; something for which one is responsible. Data responsibility is the assignment of appropriate responsibility for development and maintenance of the data resource to specific individuals. Inadequate means insufficient, or not adequate to fulfill a need or meet a requirement. Inadequate data responsibility is the situation where the responsibility, as defined, does not fulfill the need for properly managing a comparate data resource. The responsibility is casual, lax, 401