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Appendix A. Fonts & Clipart in This Book - Pg. 541

Appendix A. Fonts & Clipart in This Book Below is a list, divided by chapter, of the location for every font and piece of clipart used in this book. The fonts are located on CorelDraw 9 CD-ROM disk #1. The clipart that ships with CorelDraw 9 can be found on either CorelDraw 9 CD-ROM disks #2 or #3. To add a piece of CorelDraw clipart to your document, use the dockers on the Scrapbook fly-out on the Tools menu or the Symbols and Special Characters docker also on the Tools menu. Adding clipart to a project is discussed in Chapter 16 on pages 256­259. Chapter 1 Drop cap font: Pablo LET Balloons: Clipart\Borders\Leisure\Fun00022.Cdr Chapter 2 Drop cap font: Hollyweird Chapter 3 Drop cap font: Galleria Train: Clipart\Borders\Misc\Trainbdr.Cdr Chapter 4 Drop cap font: MandarinD Apple: Clipart\Food\Fruits\Applea.Cdr Car: Symbols and Special Characters docker, Transportation, #74 Crown: Clipart\Spec_occ\Misc\Crown.Cdr Football: Symbols and Special Characters docker, Sports & Hobbies, #33 Iris: Clipart\Flowers\Flowiris.Cdr Lion: Clipart\Horoscpe\Set09\Leo9.Cdr Man with top hat: Symbols and Special Characters docker, People, #53 Rabbits: Symbols and Special Characters docker, Animals2, #53; Clipart\Borders\Animals\ Bunnies.Cdr Sailing Ship: Clipart\Borders\Misc\ Shipbord.Cdr Snowman: Symbols and Special Characters docker, Festive, #42 541