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Chapter 8. Fractals > Summary - Pg. 187

The fractal structure I built (to Sutcliffe's specification) proved to be extremely mathematically sturdy, as long as I didn't turn the number of levels up too high. This meant I could wrench it about as if I were throttling a ferret, with the only consequence being that the results became less linear and more interesting. I hope you're beginning to appreciate why this single fractal delighted me so when I started playing with it. Figure 8.20 shows a few of the ideas I've tried. You can find the code for all of these, along with the finished code for this section, at This is where we leave fractals--and where we leave the book, too. If you can get your head around the code in this chapter, there really is nothing you can't conquer in Processing. 8 Fractals 8.5 Summary Fractals, another organizational structure we've stolen from the natural world, share a similar principle to the emergent structures we experimented with in earlier chapters. Simple code can produce complex results when magnified through reflexive recursion.