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100 Greatest Ideas . . . in an instant! Whether you're a fi rst me manager or an experienced leader, running a small team or an en re organiza on, straigh orward, prac- cal advice is hard to fi nd. John Adair 's 100 Greatest Ideas . . . are the building blocks for an amazing career, pu ng essen al business skills and must-have think- ing at your fi nger ps. The ideas are short, punchy and clustered around themes, so you'll fi nd answers to all your ques ons quickly and easily. Everything you need to be simply brilliant is here, and it 's yours in an instant. Look out for these at-a-glance features: Personal Mantra ­ Powerful statements as a source for inspira on Ask Yourself ­ Ques ons to get you thinking most about the informa on Remind Yourself ­ Key points to help you reflect on the Ideas Checklist ­ A list of ques ons to help you put the Ideas into prac ce