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Chapter One: A Meeting of the (Open) Min... > Chapter One: A Meeting of the (Open)... - Pg. 18

18 The Wild Idea Club her manager, who had seen something special in Carole and helped her realize her full potential. What set Carole apart from the other employees at the phar- maceutical giant for whom she worked? Besides being very good at her job, Carole cared about the company and believed in its mission (manufacturing drugs that save lives). She also wanted to make a difference in the lives of her coworkers. So what could a small, seemingly unimportant person working within the corporate culture of a huge company do to improve things for all involved (the company, the people working there, and ultimately the customers)? Facilitate a Wild Idea Club, of course. You saw that coming, right? The idea to put Carole in charge of the first ever Wild Idea Club at the company came from Tom Fisher, a high-level, open- minded manager who was Carole's boss. Tom knew there were