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Chapter Six: The Start of Something Big - Pg. 105

Chapter Six The Start of Something Big If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. --Sir Isaac Newton Danielle "Danny" Fox opened the door to her hotel room with a hint of hesitancy. But it wasn't out of worry; it was curi- osity. She'd been coming to this hotel for years on her travels as an author and professional speaker, and it was with great antici- pation that she had awaited the renovation. And this wasn't just any renovation--the kind that usually means new carpeting, replacing clunky TVs with flat-screens, or offering a menu of shampoos. Icarus Hotels, a growing re- gional chain that caters to business travelers, was rolling out a "boutique floor." This floor, dedicated to solo business travelers, featured many innovations, the most talked-about being the rooms themselves. 105