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Chapter Two: Ideas Wanted > Chapter Two: Ideas Wanted - Pg. 44

44 The Wild Idea Club layers and layers of red tape to get through to make it a reality. Plus, the owner of the mall was a giant corporation, and this would be a precedent-setting decision. So Lynn did what she did whenever there was a challenge that needed innovative thinking--she started a Wild Idea Club and invited everyone, from the property manager to the vice president of her com- pany, to attend. Not only did she land the valet-parking ar- rangement she sought, but the mall management even added a car-detailing service as an option for patrons who wanted to have their cars cleaned while they shopped. < < < Sadly, it was during this time that Dave, Lynn's mentor and friend, had died unexpectedly. If it weren't for him and his be- lief that everyone in the company could be counted on for a good idea (or three), she would have never made it this far. Not