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Chapter 5. Yet More Foundations > Activity 5-2: Creating SubVIs—Practice Makes ... - Pg. 178

178 LabVIEW for Everyone Activity 5-2: Creating SubVIs--Practice Makes Perfect Okay, time to go back to the computer again. You will turn the Thermometer VI you created in the last chapter into a subVI so that you can use it in the diagram of another VI. 1. Open the that you created in Activity 4-2. If you saved it in your MYWORK directory like we told you to, it should be easy to find. If you are using the sample software or can't find it, use the found in EVERYONE\CH04. 2. Create an icon for the VI. Open the Icon Editor dialog by selecting Edit Icon . . . from the pop-up menu of the VI's icon pane (on either the front panel or block diagram window). Use the tools described earlier in this chapter (in the "Designing the Icon" section) to create the icon; then click the OK button to return to the main VI. Your icon should appear in the icon pane, as shown in Figure 5.27.