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Praise for Global Leadership:

Praise for Global Leadership:

Global Leadership: The Next Generation successfully blends insightful new knowledge about high-potential leaders with hands-on, practical steps that all of us can take to lead more effectively in the global economy of today and tomorrow.”

President, Center for Creative Leadership

“An indispensable manual for any professional who's committed to growing themselves and their awareness of the world we're going to be living in. This takes what could easily be a murky subject (global leadership) and gives it a reality you can touch and feel. Goldsmith et al. have done all the legwork to paint for us an objective and thorough landscape of the best practices at the top, with a wealth of triggers to stimulate productive thinking and concrete action. Bravo!”

President, The David Allen Company
Author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Global Leadership is a research-based break-through book. As today's employees are increasingly educated, expert, confident and independent, the nature of effective leadership has changed. Marshall Goldsmith and his colleagues convince us that the effective leaders of the global future will command respect and inspire followers because they have intellectual openness, deep professional knowledge, effective interpersonal skills and a leadership style that reflects profound self-awareness, personal authenticity and grounded confidence. Optimism as well as pragmatism pervades this excellent book as the authors believe that leadership is a learned skill and they provide the tools for all of us to achieve it.”

Author of Danger in the Comfort Zone
and Seeking the Calm in the Storm

“WOW! What a treasure! This is an invaluable resource book for coaching, personal development and organizational leader development. The profile of the Global Leader of the Future is clear and compelling. The research that generated the profile is innovative and sound. But, even more important than the authors' clear presentation of the profile, they include a ton of helpful, practical, immediately usable suggestions on how to develop that specific behavior. Their extensive suggestions included in the 'What To Do,' 'How To Do It,' 'How To Use This Skill Further,' 'Results You Can Expect,' and 'Further Readings' sections are the real gems of this work. I urge readers to whip out their pens and pencils and get ready to mark up, underline and make multiple margin notes as they devour this valuable guide book. Be prepared to explore this book several times, each time finding new insights. This book is a 'must-read' for anyone who coaches others, wishes to develop herself/himself or is responsible for leader development in any organization.”

Co-Executive Director Knowledge Dialogue
(formerly Financial Times Knowledge Dialogue)

“Clear thinking and practical ideas shine through in this useful and complete guidebook to global leadership in the 21st century. The concepts discussed in this book will help anyone build leadership competence.”

Coauthor, The One Minute Manager® and Whale Done!

“Recognizing that an information-age global economy poses unprecedented challenges to the next generation of CEOs, the authors of this lucidly written, research-based book address the question of what new qualities, traits, and skills will be required of those who will be running the organizations of the future. Their answers are both profound and persuasive. One of the best business books I have ever read.”

Author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem at Work

“In turbulent times, leadership is critical. A company must have a leader, it must be effective. Global Leadership tells us what qualities and attributes an effective leader of the next generation must possess. I commend Goldsmith and his coauthors for this extraordinarily valuable book.”

Chairman and CEO, ASI Consulting Group
Author of The Power of Six Sigma

“Leonardo da Vinci once said, 'Practice should always be based upon a sound knowledge of theory.' This book is an outstanding example of this statement. In an elegant, but very pragmatic way, the reader is 'coached' through the often bewildering labyrinth of the literature on leadership. By taking this journey, the reader will get a handle on what it means to become an effective global leader.”

Raoul de Vitry d'Avaucourt
Clinical Professor in Leadership Development
Director of the Centre of Leadership Research and Development
INSEAD, France & Singapore

Global Leadership: The Next Generation is an extraordinary resource for established and up and coming leaders. It gives practical ideas and a step-by-step guide on how to manage the critical challenges that leaders face today.”

Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

“Leaders in the years ahead will need to act as global citizens. Global Leadership not only demonstrates why, but lays out precisely how this can be done. Remarkable and essential.”

Author of The Female Advantage: Women's Ways of Leadership and
Thriving in 24/7: Six Strategies for Taming the New World of Work

“Buy two copies!—One for you, and one for the leader of tomorrow that you are developing. You have before you a paper docent, a guide and thought-provoking teacher to defining your role in Global Leadership. The content will inspire you, the activities will make you a major player.”

Chairman, Center for Leadership Studies

“At last, a handbook that illuminates the challenges of leadership in a global and tenuous future. Never was this perspective on global leadership needed more than now. We are grateful.”

Chairman, Leader to Leader Institute

“Goldsmith and his colleagues have succeeded in a most ambitious challenge: to bring clarity, insight and practical how-to-do-it wisdom to the complex issues of global leadership. The book is a most useful compendium of what global leaders must master in the future.”

Senior Partner of Katzenbach Partners LLC
Author of Peak Performance and Why Pride Matters More Than Money

“It is hard to imagine a more complete handbook on how to lead in the 21st century than this one. The combination of theory, action, real examples and skill building recommendations makes it a perfect resource for anyone designing a leadership development program or anyone who simply wants to be a better leader of their current team.”

CEO, Career Systems International
Co Author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay

“The authors start with the conviction that leadership can be learned, then help every reader to make of herself or himself a next generation leader. This is a practical, excellent guide to global leadership and should be read by all.”

Harvard Business School
Author of Wheel, Deal, and Steal

“This book could be the I-Ching of leadership—open it anywhere for good advice you can apply to the challenge of the moment.”

Author of the best-selling Intrapraneuring: Why You Don't Have to leave the Corporation to Become an Entrepreneur

“What a terrific resource! This book is truly invaluable to anyone leading in the 21st century world. All business is global business today and the next generation of managers will need to learn the 'what' and 'how' of becoming a global leader. The best place to start is this book. Hats off to the authors for producing a terrific well-researched and practical book.”

CEO, Healthy Companies International
Author of Global Literacies and Leading People

“As the world shrinks into a global community, Global Leadership: The Next Generation likely will become a valuable companion for executives and managers, especially as they strive to address the diversity and complexity that comes with globalism. The authors not only foster an understanding of the frameworks and competencies needed for success as a global leader, but also an awareness of how to develop the necessary capabilities. At once, they are appropriately broad in their scope, while offering depth in the 'how-to' details required for practical application. In both global and domestic arenas, managers will find this book helpful.”

President, The American Institute for Managing Diversity

“This is an essential book for anyone involved in international business. I have addressed large and small audiences of executives in 24 countries over the last two years, and this book contains the best thinking of some of the best thinkers of the future.”

Author of Turbo Strategy

“Marshall Goldsmith and his team have done it again! Global Leadership: The Next Generation uncovers new possibilities and identifies new leadership competencies that are emerging in our global age. This book is full of practical tips that help implement the solid conceptual ideas offered.”

Founder and managing director
Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Intercultural Management Consulting
Author of Riding the Waves of Culture

“Leadership matters. No one disputes this. With Global Leadership, we now know what matters most and how to do it! This is a wonderful compendium of ideas, tools, and actions that any leader anywhere can use to be successful. I will keep and use this book as a reference guide for developing leaders.”

Professor, University of Michigan School of Business
co-author of The HR Scorecard

“What the future requires of organizational leaders is not what the past has needed, and Global Leadership provides an indispensable step-by-step guide for developing what is demanded. Grounded in the experience of 200 future leaders worldwide, the authors furnish the essential 'what-to-dos' and 'how-to-do-its' for 15 key capabilities ranging from mastering technology to thinking globally.”

Director of the Wharton School Center for Leadership
Author of The Leadership Moment and Leading Up

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