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4. Ten Principles for Sustainable Societ... > Applying the Principles to Globaliza... - Pg. 103

Te n p r i n c i p l e s f o r s u s t a i n a b l e s o c i e t i e s 103 Applying the Principles to Globalization These ten principles seem to be mirror opposites of the principles that drive the institutions of the corporate global economy. The imperatives of this powerful system create a self-reinforcing drive toward the privatization and monopolization of common heritage resources; the centralization of power and authority for the few who are shielded from legal accountability for the impact of their decisions on the well-being of people and planet; a life-and- death competition that divides the world into big winners and even bigger losers; the unaccountable externalization of costs; the destruction of cul- tural, biological, and economic diversity; and the disregard of deadly risks to human and environmental health. It is time to reclaim the power taken by the institutions of corporate globalization and replace them with institutions and rules that better serve the needs of people and planet. We offer the ten organizing principles as a basis for determining which rules, incentives, policies, and institutions can support sustainable societies. Because much of the globalization debate has centered on international