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Chapter 1: Introduction > Aim Of The Book - Pg. 9

Introduction who will benefit from this application, need to be aware of the opportunities and channels provided by the use of ICTs in the parliament. Even if e-parliament conception is initiated, as long as the parties concerned do not make use of it, this initiation will be meaningless. MPs and citizens have individual levels of education and unique technological tendencies. Therefore, everyone, especially citizens and the other agents, should be informed about under which conditions, when and how they can make use of the e-parliament applications. Here, activities related to the promo- tion of e-parliament will play an important role. Beyond the promotion of e-parliament in general, for every single application implemented under the roof of the e-parliament, the purpose of the ap- plication in question, how this application will be implemented, and what outcome will be obtained as a result of this application should be explicated to the citizens very clearly and intelligibly. ues and principles, and the debates related to the revival of democratic culture. AIM OF THE BOOK This study will focus on e-parliament, which is a rising concept and initiative. E-parliament is not a concept that is frequently studied and debated in the relevant literature. E-parliament is an initiative that will enable the democratic values and prin- ciples to be internalized in a country, strengthen the credibility of the state, the politics and the parliament, and contribute significantly towards making more legitimate decisions and forming policies based on the choice of the public. There- fore, a detailed examination of such an initiative that has very significant impacts on the social and political life of a country is an academically worthwhile endeavor.