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Chapter 2: An Overview Of E-Parliament S... > The Road Ahead For E-Parliament Serv... - Pg. 25

An Overview of E-Parliament Services This type of analysis, however, needs to be coupled with strategies for actually including citizens from all walks of life into the capabilities offered for participation and engagement. Social media may currently seem an effective way to approach young people, but under no circum- stances can it be claimed that the internet can guarantee inclusion, let alone the delivery of political outcomes. Internet- and digital media- based initiatives need to be developed side-by-side with everyday face-to-face work of institutions such as municipalities, local councils, NGOs, schools, universities and all other bodies that ef- fectively manage to embrace different people in an inclusive way. From this perspective, activities that require physical presence and interaction and offer what could be termed physical inclusion can form the springboard for further and sustainable e-interaction and e-inclusion. Apart from that, inclusion (and e-inclusion THE ROAD AHEAD FOR E-PARLIAMENT SERVICES As has been discussed above, parliaments world- wide strive to create a number of services enabling different target groups (MPs, civil servants, citi- zens, journalists) to have access in parliamentary events and procedures. Different parliaments deploy different ICT tools and services, and par- liamentary websites develop and evolve along different paths, according to capabilities and factors as diverse as trained IT personnel, politi- cal will for transparency, available funds as well as country e-readiness levels. Drawing from the findings of the World E-Parliament Report 2010, low e-readiness at a national level may be a ma- jor factor for parliament stakeholders' weakness in identifying suitable e-services for interaction with citizens. E-Parliament efforts, just like e-government