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1. Developing a Missile: The Power of Au... > We Would Shoot Granny for a Dollar - Pg. 38

38 M astering the L eadership r oLe in p roject M anageMent We Would Shoot Granny for a Dollar Jackie Leitzel describes the Program Definition and Risk Reduc- tion phase of the JASSM, which started in June 1996 at the end of the six-month source selection process: "The two defense contractors finally chosen to compete in the Program Definition and Risk Reduction phase were Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace. Each of the companies was awarded contracts totaling $237.4 million and will go head-to-head over the next two years to win the final contract. At the end of this phase, the Department of Defense will award one of the contractors approximately $3 billion for the development, testing, and production of at least 2,400 JASSMs." Brian Rutledge explains the process further: "What was unique about JASSM was that we let the compa- nies decide what they were going to do during the two years. Every six months, the government conducted a two-day review of the design of each company, brought the best experts, and provided candid feedback. However, we didn't present to them a Statement of Work and say you have to do A, B, C, D, and E. Because they were at different stages of maturity, we gave them the opportunity to tailor what it was they were going to do over the next two years. At the end of the two years, we would judge them on that and pick the one we believed was best able to carry us on through the rest of the program. We let the com- petition give us the assurance that we were going to get good value for the money. "When we down-selected from five companies to two, I switched from being the financial lead in the government pro- gram office to being program manager on a helper team for McDonnell Douglas. The role of a helper team was to assist your company in winning the contract at the end of the two