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Chapter 7: The E Gene: Expressing

Chapter 7

The E Gene: Expressing

“We don’t build the future for our children; we build our children for the future.”

—Theodore Roosevelt

EXPRESING CULTURES are those where people have a voice, make decisions, push back and challenge authority, and are valued and respected for their contributions. (There is a low level of conflict aversion.) They enable individuals to share their voice without retribution from authority. They can grow their talents, are supported in taking risks, and are energized to take on audacious goals that help the whole enterprise succeed.

The focus of expressing cultures is on developing people and their potential. There is a great sense of shared ownership, accountability, and accomplishment. Expressing cultures encourage and develop the “leadership voice.” They are environments where people can challenge each other, can have healthy conflict, and push back. They work to reduce hubris, fear of speaking up, and “telling” behavior. Expressing cultures build “pull energy” by removing artificial restraints that stifle. They give individuals the freedom to use their voices, to join the chorus that heralds progress. This energy extends from the community and envelopes the relationships a company builds with customers, alliance partners, and all others who want to be heard.


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