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chapter four: the picture comes back fro... > Self-awareness and delegation - Pg. 78

is the subjective perception; that is everything. There is a saying among magazine designers: `What it is, is what you've done.' This tautology serves to illustrate the futility of arguing, `Ah, but I was trying for this effect,' if that was not the effect achieved. It can be a hard lesson. Self-awareness and delegation Sue Turner, HR director, Group CIO & Functions at Barclays Bank in the UK, comments on how feedback from her team, gathered in a structured way through 360-degree emotional intelligence appraisal, has helped her to delegate, empower her teams and employ `less assertion; more listening'. She discovered that, though she rated highly on the important attributes, and had good self-awareness ­ rating herself quite similarly to how her team perceived her, there was something of a gap on two related areas. Her team rated her higher on self-control than she had expected; and a little lower on her ability to express empathy. She realized that her strong desire to achieve by herself, bolstered by nine years' work in the individualistic culture she encountered at Andersen Consulting in the late 1980s and in the 1990s, meant that she had a stronger desire to control tasks than she had realized: `If there has been a personal leadership journey for me over the last couple of years, it would be about doing less assertion, and a move to a more listening, empathetic approach; and to an approach where I am less scared of leaving things undone. `I have had an [internal] voice telling me, "I have to do things, otherwise they won't be done right." I have been quite independent, feeling that no one is going to sort my life out unless I do it for myself. `Without feedback you don't know what you are shifting to and whether it works. My emotional intelligence feedback from direct reports and bosses did contain some surprises. One of the things I found surprising at the time ­ I had eight or nine