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Lesson 11. Gaining Your Employees' Trust - Pg. 56

56 Chapter 11. Gaining Your Employees' Trust In this lesson, you'll learn about the importance of trust in the ap-praisal process. You'll also learn what you need to do to engender your employees' trust. The Importance of Trust In Lesson 10, "The Meeting," I discuss the importance of candor to the appraisal process. Candor cannot exist without trust. If your employees have any concerns about your motives, they will not trust you. If you doubt the last statement, recall your experiences with two very different salespeople. The first salesperson gives the impression that her only interest is in the sale. The second demonstrates a genuine interest in helping you make the right decision. Which of the two do you trust? Do you respond as openly to the questions of both salespeople? Of course not! With the first salesperson, you weigh your responses. You expect her to use everything you say to