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82 Appendix A. Glossary Glossary 360° feedback A performance appraisal system that elicits input from an employee's boss, peers, and subor- dinates. activity-based costing The process of assigning costs to the various activities involved in offering a product or service to your customers. communication triggers Deadlines, events, or results that cause you and your employee to get together to discuss per- formance. continuous improvement This phrase describes the goal of becoming better at what we do every day of our lives. cost-benefit analysis The process of comparing the cost of achieving a goal against the benefit to be gained by its achievement. current performance The result you're getting today. cycle time The amount of time needed to complete an activity. development plan This is a detailed approach designed to help an employee develop new skills. downsizings These are significant reductions in a company's workforce designed to cut costs. emotional agreement A level of agreement in which the agreeing party is inspired to act. employee retention The ability to keep valued employees. flat organizations Companies that have fewer than four layers of management.