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Lesson 2. Improving Performance > Current Performance - Pg. 9

Improving Performance 9 The best tracking system is one that allows the employee to monitor his own performance. The value of a self-monitoring system is two- fold. First, it allows the employee to make daily adjustments as necessary to achieve his goals. Second, the employee tends to trust the results more when he can verify them himself. Frequently Published You can establish the best possible measures, track them daily, and still not gain the performance improvement you seek. How? The information doesn't get posted. Here's what happened to one of my clients. This client is a specialty manufacturer dealing in the design and manufacture of custom products for its customers. One measure used in the production department was "production efficiency," the percentage of work completed that day versus the work planned for the day. Every day someone in the office calculates production efficiency and posts the results on a white board in the plant. The person assigned this task is also responsible for the computer network. One day he experienced problems with the network and forgot to post the results. The next day the same thing happened. The third day he simply forgot to post the measure. (Isn't it amazing how quickly good habits die?) Three months later we observed a decline in the company's profitability. Why? The lack of feedback caused the production employees to lose sight of their goal. Another equally important reason for posting information daily is that it allows the employee to ex- perience the sense of success more often. Every time we achieve a goal, we experience the feeling of satisfaction. Don't rob your employees of one of the most satisfying aspects of their job. Provide them with frequent feedback.