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Appendix A. On Keeping Current: A Strategy and Some Useful Reading - Pg. 117

117 On Keeping Current: A Strategy and Some Useful Reading A fool can learn from his own experience, the wise learn from the experiences of others. --Democritus If you read this book, then you know what is coming. It should be clear that understanding how the world operates and the changes it undergoes remains essential to your professional success. It is also essential to the survival of the organizations in which you work. The process of keeping current, of learning from your experience and studies, is constant at both the personal and institutional levels. But this short essay is less about the organization and more about the individual. Whether a CEO of a large company or a freshly minted university graduate, the lessons of the wise and those who do well in periods of change remain as they always have, lessons of timeless quality. The strategy is simple to describe, but like a good diet, one that we must get in the habit of practicing. The discussion following is broken into two pieces: the practice and some great reading.