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Team Dynamics > Evaluating Team Roles - Pg. 124

124 A M ANAGER ' S G UIDE TO H UMAN B EHAVIOR Evaluating Team Roles We have reviewed three types of functional roles in this section. Team task roles focus on the intellectual dimensions of a team's work, which involve defining the problem; evaluating alternative solutions, consequences, and bar- riers; and selecting and implementing the best solution. Team maintenance roles focus on the team's emotional health and on its ability to mature. Self- oriented roles are usually counterproductive and members should strive to reduce or eliminate them. One method to use in evaluating team dynamics is to be (or assign) a group observer. Exercise 6-3 can be used to analyze the roles members play and then used for team-building discussions. Sometimes, it is helpful to have an individual who is trained in observing groups, such as an organizational development specialist, to assist you in obtaining objective observations that can be presented in a non-threatening manner. As the manager, it is your re- sponsibility to manage the performance and behavior of team members, and this means giving constructive feedback and coaching when employees are behaving as less than optimal team members. Exercise 6-3 Team Roles ­ Observer Form