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System Strategies to Improve Performance > Environment Strategies - Pg. 89

I MPROVING P ERFORMANCE : H OW C AN W E M AKE I T B ETTER ? 89 understaffed. It's important as organizations grow and shrink that they con- tinually reevaluate their structure. Are the Lines of Communication Clear? Like reporting relationships, communication can get muddied when a person has allegiances to more than one department. Even within a department, com- munication lines can be a problem. Sometimes a person gets left out of the communication loop because someone else doesn't think the person has a "need to know." Or when a person misses a meeting, there are no minutes distributed and no attempt is made to let the person know what went on in the meeting. Likewise, the employee may not remember to keep everyone in- formed of what's going on if there are several people who have a need to know. Is There Appropriate Interaction Among Departments? Sometimes departments can be working on similar projects and never know it. Or a person needs information from someone in another department, but the people in the other department don't understand the necessity of pro- viding the information. Some organizations create such a competitive envi- ronment that it encourages people not to interact with or assist each other. When people can't get the resources they need to do the job, their perfor- mance will likely be affected.