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6 Addressing the Needs and Interests of Others > Review Questions - Pg. 138

138 A ssErTINg Y OursELf AT W Ork Review Questions 1. The statement "Burt's stubbornness and insensitivity lost us the deal" best represents: (a) a search for common ground. (b) collaborative language. (c) focusing on the person as the problem and not on the issue. (d) problem-solving language. 1. (c) 2. Which phrase best describes the skill of listening to learn? (a) The ability to feedback another person's viewpoint and ask clarifying questions (b) The ability to ask probing questions without putting the other person on the defensive (c) The awareness of all the ambient sounds in the room in which you're listening to a lecture (d) The ability to assimilate, abstract, and take notes on information presented in workshops and seminars 2. (d) 3. In many non-Western cultures, trust comes from: 3. (d)