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EQ #16 Gifts EQ Target Self-Awareness and Control Empathy Social Expertness Personal Influence Mastery of Vision Objectives · To help participants recognize the positive attributes of employees · To help leaders develop a grateful heart, thus enhancing their ability to influence and build bonds · To help leaders look at the broad array of gifts that are needed for success in the workplace Estimated Time 35 minutes Materials Emotional Intelligence Exercise #16 Uses · · Training workshops on leadership Private coaching sessions with all levels of leaders Risk/Difficulty Low Coaching Tips for the Coach/Trainer Emotionally intelligent leaders know that it takes a wide range of people to build a successful team. Leaders know that people have different strengths and gifts. The most adept leader knows how to blend everyone's gifts and allow for people's gifts to surface for the good of the task or team. Leaders also know that all people are not alike, and if we expect them to be alike, we'll be quite disappointed. It is the leader who can see and appreciate these differences that has the strongest ability to influence and build a team filled with cooperation and collaboration. This leader is able to bring the gifts forward just when the team needs them and thus enable everyone to succeed. 97