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EQ #39: Fuel the Vision > Coaching Tips for the Coach/Trainer - Pg. 226

50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence Coaching Tips for the Coach/Trainer Over 1000 employees interviewed netted the following advice for leaders on how to encourage the best performance from workers. Leaders should: 1. Believe in themselves and in their message. 2. Ask employees how to make it work. 3. Lovingly shout, "No, no! Wrong direction!" Don't expect employees to know if you haven't told them. 4. Set the example. 5. Act like they give a damn. 6. Direct and focus the energy in the same direction simultaneously. 7. Deal with the people who aren't doing the job. 8. Not give employees inconsistent messages. 9. Ask employees what is going wrong. Stick around and listen to the answer. 10. Take responsibility for failure. 11. Give employees the big picture. 12. Believe in their employees. If the leaders were tuned into the advice of their own employees, they may very well encounter some of the same statements. This survey can help