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39. The Rewards of Carpooling - Pg. 53

Quick Ideas 37 to 39 demonstrate that you looked carefully for a re- Assignment ward that your employees One of the easiest can actually use. While ways to purchase these there certainly is a place for cards is online. Use any "warm and fuzzy" rewards, search engine and enter the there is also a place for words "gasoline" and "gift functional rewards, espe- cards." You will quickly cially those that fill the em- find all sorts of options for ployees' needs while also all sorts of prices. Select filling their gas tanks. and order the cards you Your employees will want, and when they arrive, sense a good deal of rec- start giving them out for ognition when you hand excellent performance. them one of these cards, and they will relive some of those positive feelings when they use their cards to fill up their cars and get back on the road. Epilogue Gasoline gift cards are fulfilling rewards that truly gener- ate miles of smiles. The Rewards of Carpooling Even if you do nothing but encourage your employees to carpool, you are actually setting the stage for them to receive several inherent rewards. For example, carpooling allows them to travel in carpool lanes, save wear-and-tear on their cars, save money in gas and repairs, get to know some of their co- workers, experience less stress, and help the environment. 39 53