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Chapter 4: Sustaining Alignment: Positive and Constructive Feedback - Pg. 153

Chapter 4 Sustaining Alignment: Positive and Constructive Feedback Tell Me: Just Give It to Me Feedback as a critical element to high performance As noted in Chapter 2, leader and manager recognition of employee job performance rates among the top eight most important factors determining job satisfaction. Each of us is driven in some way by receiving feedback on our performances. We are constantly looking for it, in the spoken and certainly the unspoken. High performers and the Millennial genera- tion currently entering the workforce crave it even more than we have seen in the past. Feedback is an important part of accelerating high performance, changing behavior within a specific business context, gaining insights, and agreeing on the standards of individual performance. Getting to the destination requires a concerted, aligned effort across the organization. As was reviewed in Chapter 1, it is critical to have everyone in the organization heading in the same direction, and operating from the same set of behav- ioral guidelines. Without this alignment, employees work hard, but often on the wrong things because they must make 153 f