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Potentials of Voice Interaction in Industrial Environments - Pg. 111

Intelligent Production Machines and Systems D. T. Pham, E. E. Eldukhri and A. J. Soroka (eds) © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved Potentials of Voice Interaction in Industrial Environments Matthias Peissner, Silke Lotterbach Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), Nobelstr. 12, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany Abstract This paper describes the range of aspects to be considered before implementing VUIs in industrial environments. It supports the decision process on whether or not a VUI is reasonable for a certain context of use. In order to create an overview of the relevant aspects, this paper refers to findings from the literature and integrates insights gained from interviews with carriers as well as suppliers of VUI applications. 1. Introduction Voice user interfaces (VUIs) use speech tech- nology to provide users with access to information, allow them to perform transactions, and support communications [1]. Today, advanced technology and software is available for a diversity of VUI applica- relatively widespread nowadays. In other domains, however, speech interaction is currently only rarely used. Especially in the field of in- dustrial production, the application of speech techno- logy has still a great potential for growth. In the in- dustrial domain, the requirements of the VUI are often even less complex than in other domains. Here, the