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Intelligent Production Machines and Systems (IPROMS) employ advanced IT and computational techniques to provide competitive advantage. The 2005 Virtual International Conference on IPROMS took place on the Internet between 4 and 15 July 2005. IPROMS 2005 was an outstanding success. During the Conference, some 4168 registered delegates and guests from 71 countries participated in the Conference, making it a truly global phenomenon.

This book contains the Proceedings of IPROMS 2005. The 107 peer-reviewed technical papers presented at the Conference have been grouped into twelve sections, the last three featuring contributions selected for IPROMS 2005 by Special Sessions chairmen:

- Collaborative and Responsive Manufacturing Systems

- Concurrent Engineering

- E-manufacturing, E-business and Virtual Enterprises

- Intelligent Automation Systems

- Intelligent Decision Support Systems

- Intelligent Design Systems

- Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Systems

- Mechatronics

- Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

- Tangible Acoustic Interfaces (Tai Chi)

- Innovative Production Machines and Systems

- Intelligent and Competitive Manufacturing Engineering

Many of the IPROMS 2005 papers were written by partners and associate partners in the I*PROMS EU-funded FP6 Network of Excellence for Innovative Production Machines and Systems, but there were also large numbers of authors external to the Network. In total, IPROMS 2005 authors were from 32 countries across five continents. By attracting contributors and participants globally, IPROMS 2005 has made the first step in establishing the I*PROMS Network as the world’s pre-eminent forum for the discussion of research issues in the field of Innovative Manufacturing.

Numerous people and organisations have helped make IPROMS 2005 a reality. We are most grateful to the IPROMS 2005 sponsors, I*PROMS partners, Conference Programme and Organising Committees, Special Session Organisers, Session Chairmen and Facilitators, Authors, Referees, and the I*PROMS Central Coordination Team.

The names of contributors to the success of IPROMS 2005 can be found elsewhere in the Proceedings. Here, we would highlight the much appreciated efforts of the Special Session Organisers, Professor R Teti of the University of Naples Federico II, Professor A Subic and Professor X Yu of the RMIT University in Melbourne and Dr M Yang and Dr Z Wang of Cardiff University.

Finally, our strongest vote of thanks must go to our colleague Vladimir Zlatanov, the technical co-ordinator of IPROMS 2005, who implemented all the IT infrastructure for our Virtual Conference. Without his expertise and dedication, IPROMS 2005 would have forever remained virtual.

D.T. Pham, E.E. Eldukhri and A.J. Soroka
MEC, Cardiff University

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