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Bowel and Bladder Function > Gaining Control 2 to 3 years - Pg. 140

GAINING CONTROL--2 TO 3 YEARS 141 TIPS · Whenever you travel, make sure that you have a potty with you so that your child can go under any circumstances without having to wait. Put the potty on the floor in the back of your car so that you can stop anywhere along the road instead of having to worry about finding a public restroom in a hurry. · If she sits down and can't do anything, turn on the faucets; this works for babies as well. · If you keep star charts for different accomplishments, keep one for each success. · If you have a potty in the bathroom, you and your child can go to the toilet at the same time. · Let your child accompany you to the bathroom at an early age so that she can learn from watching you. This works particularly well with boys. · Tell your child quite firmly and sympathetically that accidents will always be ignored and forgiven, and that she should not worry about them. · Get a potty well before you think your child will need it. You can explain why it is there and that when she is old enough she'll be able to use it. This may give your child an incentive to try. · Be wary of flushing the toilet when your child's with you--many are frightened by the noise, and by the fact that "part of them" is being taken away.