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PART II P2P NETWORKS > Chapter 11 Conclusion - Pg. 133

Chapter Eleven Conclusion As large quantities of data are becoming more accessible via the WWW and P2P file-sharing networks, search is beginning to play a vital role in today's society. As such, it is important to continue to improve the quality of a user's search experi- ence by identifying and intelligently exploiting "hidden" information (or signals) in these databases. One such signal is user context information. This book examined the scalable use of user context information to improve search quality in both the WWW and P2P networks. We have presented scal- able algorithms and detailed mathematical analysis for personalized search in both domains. There are several future challenges for the personalization of search. User interface design is one of the key challenges in personalized search. Some of the key issues here are non-intrusiveness and consistency of experience. It is important not to have personalization degrade the quality of the user's search expe- rience, and likewise, it is important that a user's overall experience maintain a con- sistency even despite her changing interests. Ideally, personalized search should be