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1. The Windup Phenomenon and Anti-windup... > 1.2 Illustrative examples - Pg. 4

À ÈÌ Ê ½ case, anti-windup synthesis becomes a very appealing design tool: it is uniquely qualified to address saturation with potentially dramatic performance improvement using the existing actuators without sacrificing the small signal performance for the sake of guaranteeing acceptable large signal behavior. The examples will illustrate these capabilities of anti-windup synthesis, without going into the synthesis details yet. The examples will be revisited after the anti-windup synthesis algorithms have been described. 1.2 ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES 1.2.1 A SISO academic example Disturbance Reference + PID Controller Force Integrator Velocity a) - Disturbance Reference + PID Controller Saturation Force Integrator Velocity b) -