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This is . . .
  • An activity in which participants wear their favorite T-shirt to work and explain, briefly, why it’s their favorite.

Use it to . . .
  • Help participants get to know each other a little better as well as be comfortable at the meeting.

Best group size . . .
  • Up to about 20.

Materials you’ll need . . .
  • Participants must agree to wear (or bring) their favorite T-shirt to the meeting.

Here’s how . . .
  1. Participants sit in a circle.

  2. Participants take turns telling the group why the T-shirt they are wearing is their favorite.

For example . . .
  • “I’m Logan. My dad got me this Guinness T-shirt when he was in Ireland. It’s my favorite because it’s the first time he ever got me something with beer on it, and I guess it represents to me that he was finally acknowledging that I’m a real adult now!”

Tips for success . . .
  • Tell about your T-shirt first so that participants get a sense for how much time or detail you want from them when it’s their turn.

  • For some groups, you may have to specify up front any moral or decency guidelines that must be followed regarding the content of the T-shirts.

Try these variations . . .
  • Participants just bring the T-shirts, not wear them. When it’s their turn, they tell about the T-shirt first and then show it.

  • Use this for an icebreaker activity by having participants introduce themselves before sharing information about their T-shirts.

  • For larger groups, have participants mingle and use the T-shirts as conversation starters.


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