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8 The Human Side of Negotiating Tactics > Prepare to Handle Difficult People - Pg. 107

T HE H UMAN S IDE OF N EGOTIATING T ACTICS 107 P REPARE TO H ANDLE D IFFICULT P EOPLE You are bound to encounter people who are aggressive in their demands or who, for whatever reason, simply make the pursuit of mutual self-interest dif- ficult or impossible. As a negotiator, you must be prepared for these individ- uals. We provide two examples here: the aggressive bargainer and the "take it or leave it" negotiator. The Aggressive Bargainer Aggressive bargainers open with an unreasonable position, hoping to anchor an agreement in their favor. They may also behave in a belligerent, threatening way, hoping that you will make concessions as a means of appeasement. If you know your best alternative to negotiating and if your reserve price is clearly in mind--you will be less easily intimidated. When faced with an extreme demand--such as an intolerably low-ball offer from the aggressive bargainer, here's a tactical response. Restate the de- mand in your own words: "If I understand you correctly, you want us to supply 12,000 memory chips at $4.00 apiece, with 4,000 delivered on August 1st, an- other 4,000 on September 8th, and the balance on October 15 of this year. Is that what you're saying?" The other person is sure to answer in the affirmative: "That's exactly right, and it's exactly what we want from you." If the demand is ridiculous, don't get angry or act offended. Don't even