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About This Book

About This Book


Cisco's IOS software has continually evolved to meet the needs of our customers by the addition and extension of features that comprise the solution set for Cisco IOS software. Quality of service (QoS) is one such area where Cisco has continued to extend and develop new additions to meet the emerging needs of customers as they deploy such value-adding features in their networks. For example, customers need to leverage their existing network infrastructure to offer value-adding services and have the ability to prioritize different types of traffic in their network. In addition, emerging network applications, such as Multimedia and VoIP, present strict requirements on the network behavior. Cisco's IOS QoS feature sets provide the enabling technologies to meet such needs of our customers.

We have been shipping various QoS features in various Cisco IOS software releases such as 11.0, 11.1, 11.1CC, 11.2, and 11.3. The Cisco IOS 12.0 software release has been a good opportunity for us to migrate all the QoS feature sets, which were committed to the afore-mentioned Cisco IOS software releases, into one 12.0 mainline release. This allows more consistency in the Cisco IOS QoS feature offerings, and customers need to run only one release to get these features.

Hence, this book describes the Cisco IOS QoS feature set in 12.0 mainline. These features run on the mainstream router platforms such as the 1600, 1720, 2500, 2600, 3600, 4500, 4700, 7200, 7500-RSP, and derivatives of these platforms. The book also includes descriptions of the VIP QoS features that run on the VIP card in a 7500.

The work presented in this book has been the output of a number of contributors throughout the company who have either contributed directly to or influenced the development of these features, or provided review feedback. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank these folks for their contribution:

  • IOS Technical Documentation: Brian Adams, Christy Choate, Ben Jackson, Doug MacBeth, Teresa Oliver Schick, Vicky Payne, Judy Thompson-Melanson, Alliene Turner, Grace Tai, et al.

  • IOS Core QoS: Dan Alvarez, Chandrashekhar Appanna, Sandeep Bajaj, Fred Baker, Murali Bashyam, Lisa Birch, Derek Bolton, Claude Cartee, Sanjay Kalra, Dima Khoury, Ted Kuo, Manoj Leelani, Qing-ming Ma, Rakhi Mahto, Pranav Mehta, Sandeep Nalekonda, Dave Oran, Glenn Reitsma, Dave Ros-setti, Arun Sastry, Thesjawi Thimmappa, Alex Tweedly, Pawan Uberoy, et al.

  • VIP QoS: Christina Chan, Alan Cheilek, Nathan Chu, Tom Grennan, Atri Indiresan, Darren Kerr, Nick Leavy, Jason Nolet, Bob Olsen, Rob Redford, Dave Rowell, Partha Sarathy, Shu Tai, Andy Teng, Emery Wilkerson, Gang Wu, et al.

  • IOS Layer 3 Services: Bruce Davie, Mike Dibiaso, Terry Graf, Carol Ituralde, Francois Le Faucheur, Ashok Narayanan, Tara Posner, et al.

  • IOS and Business Unit Marketing: Seenu Banda, Erik Gilbert, Peter Long, Paul McNab, David Powell, et al.

    Other cross-functional folks:

    Frame Relay: Paulina Bettink, Greg Fowler, Dave Langley, et al.

    Consulting Engineering: Bob Allegretti, Clarence Filsfils, et al.

    Policy-Based Routing: Bob Albrightson, Tony Li, Wilber Su, Paul Traina, et al.

    …Among others.

As we continue to enhance the Cisco IOS QoS feature sets and make the new features available in future IOS releases, we will revise the book to include these new features. We welcome any comments that you have about this book; e-mail

We hope you find this book useful as a one-stop place of technical information for Cisco's IOS QoS and VIP QoS features in 12.0 mainline.


Ken Pillay

IOS Core QoS Development Manager

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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