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Chapter 15. Configuring RSVP > Planning for RSVP Configuration

Planning for RSVP Configuration

You must plan carefully to successfully configure and use RSVP on your network. At a minimum, RSVP must reflect your assessment of bandwidth needs on router interfaces. Consider the following questions as you plan for RSVP configuration:

  • How much bandwidth should RSVP allow per end-user application flow? You must understand the "feeds and speeds" of your applications. By default, the amount reservable by a single flow can be the entire reservable bandwidth. You can, however, limit individual reservations to smaller amounts using the single flow bandwidth parameter. The reserved bandwidth value may not exceed the interface reservable amount, and no one flow may reserve more than the amount specified.

  • How much bandwidth is available for RSVP? By default, 75 percent of the bandwidth available on an interface is reservable. If you are using a tunnel interface, RSVP can make a reservation for the tunnel whose bandwidth is the sum of the bandwidths reserved within the tunnel.

  • How much bandwidth must be excluded from RSVP so that it can fairly provide the timely service required by low-volume data conversations? End-to-end controls for data traffic assume that all sessions will behave so as to avoid congestion dynamically. Real-time demands do not follow this behavior. Determine the bandwidth to set aside so bursty data traffic will not be deprived as a side effect of the RSVP QoS configuration.


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