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As a networking professional, you will find this practical guide an invaluable resource for understanding routing technologies and configuring and troubleshooting Cisco routers, as well as for studying for the CCIE exam. Cisco IP Routing presents the most thorough information available on the inner workings of Cisco routers. Focusing on intra-domain dynamic routing protocols, the book provides an in-depth understanding of IP routing and forwarding technologies, and their implementation within Cisco routers.

You will find essential background information on IP addressing, general routing and forwarding processes, and routing table maintenance. The book discusses packet forwarding and static routing, and details the specific mechanisms inside the dynamic routing protocols, covering both the distance vector and link-state routing protocols. Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), and Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP), Cisco's proprietary routing protocol, are covered in depth within the context of Cisco's implementation.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Variable length subnet masks

  • Classful and classless addressing and routing

  • Routing and forwarding differences

  • Static and dynamic routing

  • Routing table structure and maintenance in Cisco routers

  • Cisco packet switching mechanisms, including fast, optimum, distributed, NetFlow, and Cisco Express Forwarding

  • Cisco load-sharing techniques

  • The Bellman-Ford and Dijkstra algorithms

  • RIP packet formats, input and outbound messaging, event processing, configuration commands, and more

  • IGRP packet formats, input and outbound messaging, events processing, configuration commands, and more

  • Comparison between ISIS and OSPF

  • OSPF subprotocols and packet formats

  • OSPF intra-area, inter-area and external routing

  • OSPF flooding algorithm and link-state database synchronization

  • LSA installation and SPF scheduling

  • OSPF configuration and implementation in Cisco routers

  • EIGRP operation and configuration

  • EIGRP stub router feature

Numerous examples of logs from real Cisco routers illustrate the concepts presented and their practical application. Useful configuration examples are also presented. In addition, many of the chapters include a Frequently Asked Questions section that clarifies common misunderstandings and confusion about IP routing technologies and Cisco routers.

Comprehensive, yet detailed and accessible, Cisco IP Routing provides the inside information you need to be a truly proficient Cisco router networking professional.


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