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Chapter 12. Troubleshooting and Performa... > Frequently Asked Questions - Pg. 531

Troubleshooting and Performance Monitoring · Chapter 12 531 Capturing Traffic Cisco introduced the capture command in PIX version 6.2. This command enables you to remotely capture packets of networks connected to the PIX firewall. Captured packets can be viewed on the console, viewed or downloaded from a Web browser, or downloaded to a workstation via TFTP for analysis by third-party software such as tcpdump. Monitoring and Troubleshooting Performance Proactive monitoring can prevent problems from becoming unmanageable. CPU performance and memory consumption can be indicators of problems. The show processes command can help identify the processes that are running and the ones that could be consuming more PIX firewall resources than they should. Q: Which PIX firewall models support Gigabit Ethernet?