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Section: II Digital Forensic Incident and Crime Investigation Management

Section II: Digital Forensic Incident and Crime Investigation Management

This section addresses the digital forensics management issues related to digital forensic incidents and crime investigations. It looks at how investigations are carried out, what needs to be considered in the planning of an investigation, and the conduct of the investigation including the collection and storage of evidence. The section also deals with the vitally important issue of quality assurance so that the efforts and risks taken are not wasted, and the organization gains and maintains a good reputation. The section finishes with a number of case studies to highlight how things can go well if they are done properly and how they can go wrong if they are not.

Chapter 10. Responding to Crimes Requiring Computer Forensic Investigation. This chapter talks about what actions are required, the management considerations, and just as importantly, what should not be done when responding to a high tech crime scene. It deals with the differing requirements that must be considered for the range of types of investigation in which the unit may be called upon to take part, including standalone PCs, servers, networks, live acquisition, and wireless, and discusses the management issues that relate to the use of function specific tools.

Chapter 11. Management of the Collections of Evidence. As the title states, this chapter talks about the management issues that relate to the collection of high technology crime scene evidence, a crucial part of any high technology investigation. It also deals with issues such as continuity of evidence and chain of custody.

Chapter 12. Management of Evidence Storage. This chapter addresses the issues that relate to the storage of evidence and the management issues that need to be considered to ensure that it is carried out effectively and meets the relevant rules and legislation. We also address the difficult question of long-term storage periods, a particular problem for law enforcement.

Chapter 13. Quality Assurance. This chapter addresses the vitally important issue of quality assurance, and describes when it should be carried out, by whom, and to what standards.

Chapter 14. High Technology Crimes: Case Summaries. This chapter gives a range of cases that illustrate the types of incidents that may be encountered under the general grouping of high technology crimes. There are examples of cases that have been successful and other examples that highlight how a lack of good procedures can lead to considerable expense, loss of credibility, and embarrassment.

This section of the book looks at the issues that affect the underpinning reason for the existence of the laboratory by addressing the management issues that relate to the investigation of digital forensic incidents and investigations. The laboratory must be competent at the tasks it undertakes and significantly, be able to demonstrate that it has the procedures, training, and quality assurance measures in place to ensure this; otherwise the management of the laboratory will not have been successful. In order to explain and highlight a number of the issues raised, a number of case studies are detailed.

In having an understanding of these issues, the manager will be able to ensure that the appropriate processes and procedures are created and implemented to enable the lab to carry out its function properly. This section is focused on the management of the investigative process in order to give the manager an understanding of the issues needed in order to ensure that investigations are carried out in an efficient and testable manner.



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