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Index - Pg. 403

Index Note: Page numbers followed by "f", "t" and "b" denote figures, tables and boxes, respectively. 802.11 standard as open standard, 321 OSWA-Assistant, 16 802.11i standard, WPA2, 322 802.15.1 standard, origins, 321 wireless penetration testing, 320, 346e356 Aircrack-ptw, WEP key discovery, 323 Airdecap-ng, basic function, 347 Aireplay-ng basic function, 347 chopchop attack, 352f and CoWPAtty, 358 deauthentication attack, 347f fake authentication attack, 350f fragmentation attack, 351f interactive packet replay attack, 354f interactive packet replay execution, 353 wireless penetration case study, 368 wireless penetration testing, 345e346 Airmon-ng basic function, 341, 348 wireless penetration case study, 368 Airodump-ng basic function, 347, 348, 352 injection check, 353 interactive packet replay results, 354, 355f A Access control lists (ACLs), router function, 265 Access points (AP) deauthentication attack, 346 injection check, 354e355 Packetforge-ng, 352 pen-test lab network isolation, 375 wireless exploitation, 349 wireless penetration case study, 368 wireless penetration hands-on challenge, 369e370 ACK packets definition, 99 Nmap ping sweep, 102e103 port scanning, 99