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Chapter 2. Imagine That! You're Big Brother! - Pg. 8

8 Chapter 2. Imagine That! You're Big Brother! Security Policies Security Policies The whole concept of security, from the perspective of the system and network administrator, is often so very foreign. Many of us simply do not think like a cracker or a cop. Our role is to keep the systems up, the applications going, the services networked, and the users happy. 1 Unfortunately, as exciting as technological advances in computing are, they have and will continue to transform the role of the system and network administrator to one that incorporates security concerns to a greater and greater degree. Central processing units (CPUs) are faster and cheaper than ever, random access memory (RAM) is plentiful, and the Internet continues to grow. Furthermore, connections to the Internet are faster than ever. Connections like aDSL 2 and cable are affordable in many regions of the country; no longer are people limited to 56k modems. With the continuing increase in those who have access to computers and the Internet comes the increase of business and service activities that utilize that infrastructure. On-line stores, banking, and government services reflect just some of those activities. The proliferation of these services implies the potential for greater productivity as well as the po-