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Chapter 6. Large Enterprise Design Study > EuroBank Design Objectives

EuroBank Design Objectives

The design objectives for the EuroBank network included the following considerations:

  • Offer a rich set of Layer 3 MPLS VPN services to the various subsidiaries and departments. Isolate subsidiaries and departments. Control access to shared applications.

  • Support the levels of QoS required by mission critical banking applications, telephony over IP and videoconferencing applications.

  • Provide the ability to support encrypted Layer 3 service for specific services such as the brokerage traffic, which requires a high level of confidentiality.

  • Ensure that the network design is sufficiently flexible so as to easily handle the internal expected growth of traffic as well as the expansion of the network because of further acquisitions.

  • Try to optimize the network’s opex/capex by limiting the size of EuroBank’s core network to the main branches/offices and data centers. Rely on the managed Layer 3 services provided by local operators for their small offices.

  • Integrate the Managed Voice Service outsourced to the TSP in the EuroBank environment, allowing any-to-any telephone connectivity without compromising the subsidiary/department isolation.

  • Provide a highly available and redundant network that can provide a total routing convergence bounded to 5 seconds in case of core link or P router failure.


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