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Chapter 19: Enterprise Extender (EE) > Why is EE strategic? - Pg. 332

19.1 What is Enterprise Extender (EE)? Enterprise Extender architecture carries SNA (HPR) traffic of any LU type over an IP infrastructure without requiring changes to that infrastructure. It essentially treats the IP network as a particular type of SNA logical connection, in much the same way as an ATM or frame relay network is treated. In this manner, these SNA protocols act as transport protocols on top of IP, as does any other transport protocol such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). 19.2 Why is EE strategic? Enterprise Extender combines features of SNA and IP to offer the best of both worlds when running SNA traffic over an IP backbone. Because of its design, Enterprise Extender is extremely flexible. It can be used in all networks from the smallest to the largest, and provides you with a choice of where the SNA/IP boundary is placed. In this section we summarize some of the benefits of Enterprise Extender that make this solution strategic. 19.2.1 Cost-effectiveness and resource convergence