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Chapter 2. Climb Out of the Hole > Conclusion - Pg. 36

36 Chapter 2 Climb Out of the Hole server, maybe two. When more servers are installed, the room is warm, but the building cooling seems sufficient. Nobody notices that the building's cooling isn't on during the weekend and that by Sunday, the room is very hot. A long weekend comes along, and your holiday is ruined when all your servers have overheated on Monday. In the United States, the start of summer unofficially begins with the three-day Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. Because it is a long weekend and often the first hot weekend of the year means, that is often when people realize that their cooling isn't sufficient. If you have a failure on this weekend, your entire summer is going to be bad. Be smart; check all cooling systems in April. For about $400 or less, you can install a portable cooler that will cool a small computer closet and exhaust the heat into the space above the ceiling or out a window. This fine temporary solution is inexpensive enough that it does not require management approval. For larger spaces, renting a 5- or 10-ton cooler is a fast solution. Implement Simple Monitoring Although we'd prefer to have a pervasive monitoring system with many bells